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Moment Of Grounding


Give for the Moment with our Moment of Grounding.

This Christmas, pass on the power of aromatherapy & share wellbeing with your loved ones with our luxurious selection of self-care moments.

Bring the outside in & experience the transformative benefits of Forest Therapy with our Moment of Grounding collection. Our Forest Therapy blend combines essential oils of Pink Pepper, Cypress & Ho Wood, all working together to help ground & restore emotions. This set contains everything you need to immerse the mind & body in a Grounding & Restoring ritual.

The set includes:

  • Forest Therapy Bath & Shower Oil - 55ml
  • Forest Therapy Pure Essential Oil Blend - 10ml
  • Forest Therapy Wellness Mist - 10ml

    The Ritual

    Take a moment to spritz the Wellness Mist on linens or into the air around you for a restorative wellbeing boost wherever you are.

    Reset with the pure, 100% natural Essential Oil Blend through inhalation or home diffusion. Breathe in the therapeutic aromas to balance & re-center.

    Pour a capful of the grounding Bath & Shower Oil into hands to warm the oil. Slowly breathe in the therapeutic aromas & massage onto torso before stepping into the bath or shower. Contains up to 20 wellbeing experiences.

    Benefits you will experience:

    • Tranquil

    • Restorative

    • Calming

    • Ease Stress

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