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De-Stress Edit


Tension aches and pains, anxious minds and stressed-out skin can be the downside of a busy, fulfilling life. Live your best self by eliminating stressful moments daily.

This edit forms a complete ritual or one-stop moment, built around our high-performing and targetted essential oil blends. Indulge in supremely soothing Camomile, focus-restoring Frankincense, and tension-easing Rosemary to dial back anxiety and stress.

Edit includes:

  • De-Stress Mind Rollerball 10ml
  • De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil 9ml
  • De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil 9ml
  • De-Stress Muscle Gel 40ml
  • Inner Strength Soothing Face Oil 3ml


The Ritual

Massage a third of your chosen bath & shower oil blend over your body before stepping into a warm bath or shower. Cup your hands to your face and inhale deeply 3 times.

Extend the ritual by touching a few drops of Soothing Face Oil to patted dry skin. Massage in circular, upward movements over the face and neck to rebuild skin’s natural strength and help shield it from emotional and environmental stress.

To deeply ease tense muscles, massage De-Stress Muscle Gel after a bath, or as needed throughout the day, focusing on knotty areas.

As an instant anxiety soother apply De-Stress Mind Rollerball to pulse points. wherever, whenever needed.

Benefits you will experience:

  • Centered
  • Clears Mind

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