Nothing Butt A Diaper Rash

Diaper rash can be a real pain in the little bum, it is manageable and we’ve got your back, let the healing begin.

At the first sign, soak the baby's bottom in a warm bath without soap, making sure to gently clean the infected area. Allow for her skin to completely dry before diapering. You want to void the area of all unnecessary moisture. (Consider keeping your wee one diaper-free for a period of time as well for good measure.)

Is baby’s bum clean? Be mindful of creases, folds and even places that look clean. Check that you got everything, and then check again. Apply this same concept to drying off after a bath as well. A clean, dry bottom is a must for preventing a rash.


Is it the diaper? Disposable diapers can have added chemicals, so if you’re noticing a reaction, we recommend chemical free diapers or giving cloth diapering a try. The same is true for wipes, go the natural way with cotton pads soaked with clean water. 

Check babies’ menu. Have you recently added a new diet? A baby’s digestive system is delicate, so the introduction of new items can sometimes cause a skin reaction or mess with babies’ bowel movements. If you notice changes, make sure to swap out diapers routinely.

A bum cream that works is Heaven sent. Yes, we’ve compiled a list that’s been tested over and over again by us, our kids (yes, they are our key opinion leaders) our moms, grandparents, midwives, confinement nannies, doctors, dermatologists, and the list goes on. Nothing but #honestlykindbaby ingredients and finest quality, non-negotiable. Our bum cream lists are safe and effective to soothe irritation, and bid bye-bye to red blotchy rashes.

Our dependable and trusted picks are:

Dr.Barbara Sturm Bum Cream

BABY & KIDS BABY BUM CREAM (Nappy Cream) is an ointment created to soothe and nourish delicate skin after each nappy change, creating resistance to dampness and rashes. Marigold Extract boosts your child’s natural skin barrier function, calming redness and irritation.

Zinc is a soothing and discomfort-alleviating ingredient that creates a moisture barrier for your baby’s bottom. Panthenol, a form of Vitamin B-5, is an ultra-hydrating ingredient that attracts moisture, helping to protect your baby’s skin. The BABY & KIDS BABY BUM CREAM contains no fragrance.

Vivaiodays Olive Oil All Purpose Rescue Balm Gel 


A gentle, 96.8% Certified Organic Rescue Balm Gel,  for diaper rash prevention and for nursing Moms, as a calming balm gel. A skin-saver for topical skin concerns such as dryness, eczema, chapped lips, rough rosy cheeks and cradle cap.

Dermatologist tested and approved for sensitive skin, this Oil Balm Gel is a micro emulsion that combines the freshness of a gel with long-term hydration, since it is loaded with nourishing oils that moisturize with no sense of greasiness.