Say Hello To The Dr. Barbara Sturm Baby + Kids Travel Set

Dr. Barbara Sturm is excited to announce the launch of the Baby + Kids Travel Set, which includes the entire range of her products formulated specifically for sensitive young skin.

Healthy, functioning skin starts from birth. Using non-irritating and fragrance-free products is vital to children’s skin health and to promoting the natural skin’s barrier function. The line consists of five full sized products that Dr.Barbara Sturm originally developed for her own daughter Pepper, when she found that most baby products on the market contained harmful ingredients. This line, created with the expertise of a doctor and the love of a mother, is now available as a package.

The products in the Set include:

  • Baby + Kids Bathing Milk;
  • Baby + Kids Hair and Body Shampoo;
  • Baby + Kids Body Cream;
  • Baby + Kids Baby Bum Cream; and
  • Baby + Kids Face Cream

    I initially formulated my Baby + Kids Collection for my daughter Pepper. I only wanted the best for her sensitive newborn skin and couldn’t find any other products on the market without fragrance and harmful ingredients.” – Dr.Barbara Sturm